We’re talking to more and more CEOs and other senior executives who face enormous pressure to find top-line growth following the deepest recession since the Great Depression. To achieve it, they are looking for new ways to engage employees, customers and other key constituents. Many of those executives keenly appreciate the potential impact of social media, but they aren’t quite sure how to productively harness these technologies. And some are just plain scared by it all.

Reputation and Issues Management

Our deep experience at the intersection of business, law, and public policy allows us to provide high-level counsel in all aspects of issues management. In addition, we have worked closely with law firms and public affairs firms in Washington, D.C., Brussels, Houston and elsewhere to advance our clients’ interests in legislative, regulatory, and public policy matters.

Brand Management

Whether it’s a new product line, a company repositioning itself as the result of a merger or acquisition, or a mature brand that needs refreshing, our experience with a wide range of consumer and business-to-business brands helps our clients build strong brands. With our in-house team of cutting-edge graphic artists and other specialists, we provide a full range of brand strategy, development, naming and support services, with special attention to how brands are built in the era of digital communications and social networking.

Our services include:

Issues management

Trans-media storytelling and message development

Boardroom communications

Risk assessment and management

Crisis preparedness and communications

Crisis simulations and training

Real-time listening and monitoring around the client’s issues and brands

Our Principles and Our Strengths

Everything we do for our clients is guided by four core principles:

Be Engaged: Today, every organization must be fully engaged with the conversation that swirls around it, especially in digital media. Participants in that conversation extend well beyond traditional media and include customers, competitors, employees, regulators and other key influencers.

Be Transparent: Although transparency has always been valued, the relentless 24/7 scrutiny of modern media and the ease with which information can be disseminated globally, even by ordinary individuals, make transparency essential. “Spin” is detected and exposed almost instantly.

Be Agile: The modern media environment requires more than just rapid response. It requires the agility to respond effectively on multiple platforms and sometimes on multiple issues simultaneously, and not only to respond but anticipate. That is the difference between mere speed — which can be harmful as often as it is helpful — and real agility.

Keep Score: Benchmarking, etc.

Guided by these principles, we bring key strengths to each assignment:

  • An outside perspective
  • Seasoned global experience
  • Knowledge of best practices
  • Extensive experience with Fortune 100 clients
  • Ability to integrate our activities and work closely with legal teams and outside legal counsel.
Highlights of our accomplishments:

Issues and Reputation Management:

Our client was a global telecommunications company that was being intensely criticized online and in street demonstrations related to human rights concerns in the Middle East. The issue was threatening not only the client’s business but that of its parent companies, especially in Europe and North America. It was also attracting high-profile attention from governments and generated a lawsuit in U.S. federal court. We provided a broad range of crisis communications and issues management services, from short-term message development to the longer-term development of an entirely new human rights policy. The effort led to a dramatic turnaround in relations with key European legislators and key nongovernmental organizations, more positive media coverage, and has established the company as a leader in protecting human rights. The effort also won a prestigious internal quality award for the group within the client’s organization that we worked with in developing the new policy.

For a pharmaceutical company, we created and led a crisis simulation to test its ability to cope with a hypothetical — but highly realistic — social-media-driven crisis over a newly approved drug. Because we had to cope with extensive and restrictive federal regulations constraining the company's ability to respond, we also helped it develop social media guidelines, taking advantage of our expertise in crisis communications, social media and regulatory affairs.

For one of the world’s largest airlines coping with a huge merger, we trained key executives to tell a consistent, inspiring story across all media that not only helped unify its workers and attract customers, but also impressed financial analysts.

Brand Management:

We are working with a global computer and technology company to establish its branding and thought leadership in connection with the rapidly emerging era of cloud computing.

We have also helped a major provider of educational software rebrand itself after being spun off by its parent, and then successfully absorb its acquisition of a competitor.

We helped the Pac-10 Conference rebrand itself into the Pac-12 Conference with adoption of a new logo and the announcement of its own cable and digital networks.

This is just a small sample of what we’ve achieved for our clients, which include Fortune 100 companies in the pharmaceutical, education, high-technology, telecommunications, sports/entertainment and other sectors. For more on what we can do for you, contact practice leader Jeff Hunt at 512-457-0014 or jhunt@pulsepointgroup.com.