One of the most inspiring and forward-thinking discussions I attended at SXSW Interactive this year was led by John Hagel, Chairman of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, their internal think tank charged with developing emerging opportunities for the company’s senior executives.

Since we do a lot of work with clients around the art of storytelling, it was helpful that SXSW's panel calendar this year was full of opportunities to attend sessions on the power of storytelling (110 sessions by Hagel's account.) But the one storytelling session that stood out was Hagel's, primarily because the focus wasn't on storytelling itself but on expanding the focus beyond stories to narratives. He defined the narrative as distinctly different than that of a story since a story is defined as 1) Finite - consisting of a beginning, middle and end, and 2) Stories are about "me," not about you—the listener is supposed to hear the story but not have the experience.

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Large companies have access to valuable content and are important contributors to conversations around their industry and brand. BP has recently faced criticism for using Wikipedia to disseminate its perspective on many issues, including the environmental record around the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. But, I believe their actions are transparent and their approach is both beneficial and necessary.

If you’ve seen the hilarious State Farm commercial about believing everything you read on the Internet, you know that Internet content requires a healthy dose of skepticism. Access to troves of information is a tremendous benefit to society, but that benefit is only as good as the validity of that information. This is one of the challenges Wikipedia aims to address.

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No longer can writers and communicators rest on our laurels – scientists and mathematicians are stepping up to the content creation plate in a big way. Look no further than NASA.

In a time of economic austerity and shrinking budgets, NASA has used social media to reinvigorate fans and build support for STEM education.

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PulsePoint Group Strengthens Branding, Technology, Social Media Practices

Strategic additions bring experienced thought leaders in market research, branding,? social media and technology marketing

AUSTIN, Texas – PulsePoint Group, the management and digital consulting firm, announced today it has hired four senior team members to expand its branding and research capability, as well as its social, technology and digital content factory practices.

Joining PulsePoint Group, effective immediately, are:

• Deborah Godfrey, Ph.D., a nationally recognized research and branding expert

• Ahmed Khamash, a social media business strategist

• Patricia B. Smith, an award-winning medical journalist

• Matt Ceniceros, a leader in technology marketing and communications.

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