My head is spinning a bit from all the corporate communications and marketing execs out there who are trying to finish the year strong, manage their budgets properly (a year-end art form in itself!) and plan for the new year.

Planning for the new year seems to trigger questions around change: what trends are going to be impacting my business; what new skill sets do I need in my function; how do my people work optimally with other functions; how do we enhance our value in the enterprise; and so on.

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With B2B marketers, the glass is often half full or half empty.  A marketer’s personal perspective can either cloud (half empty) or over amplify (half full) the working world he or she functions in.

Marketers’ outlooks (positive or negative) are often formed at the end of the year, when reflection and assessment precede the rebuilding of budgets.  Inevitably, three questions get asked at this time of the year:

  • What do we do more of?
  • What do we less of?
  • What do we do differently?

These are the right questions to ask, but there has to be one that comes before this. What are the big trends we're missing? It is a selfish one but it has to occur in order to truly answer the more tactical questions above.

Trend 1: Engagement, not media

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