Marketing Diagnostics in the Digital Age


The reality is that most B2B and many B2C companies are increasingly moving to more integrated digital models. Those that choose to be more focused on that migration, with an active focus on digital and social media engagement, are winning. They are winning because they understand the best practices for journey mapping, marketing score carding, and especially a focus on the world-class enablement of their teams. Digital and social media enables the best brands to integrate content journeys and messaging hierarchies in powerful and effective ways.

Companies, like people, often can tell that something is wrong, but they aren't sure about the diagnosis. And without a good diagnosis, a business can spend a lot of money trying to cure a disease it doesn't have - while the disease it does have continues to erode its health.

Our audit and "scorecarding" tools have proved highly effective in identifying hidden problems in communications and marketing, and in paving the way for effective solutions, turning decline or stagnation into growth and profitability.


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"A camel is a horse designed by a committee," so the saying goes.

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