Bob Feldman, Principal of PulsePoint Group, on what activities a company should undertake internally on it's journey toward becoming an Engaged Enterprise.

Seven Characteristics of the Engaged Enterprise

Originally Published PR Week, March 12, 2010

In my last column, we explored the concept of “the engaged enterprise.” This is a corporate business model that suggests an authentic, dynamic, and deeper relationship between a company and its various stakeholders, in which conversation and business ideas are shared up, down, and sideways.

A constant value-exchange is the new norm.

Due to considerable response and curiosity on this subject, this is the first of two columns that will dig deeper into the model. In my next column, I'll look at what you need to do in external engagement, but first, let's look at what you need to do internally:

Strong internal collaboration. Lots of companies have implemented Microsoft SharePoint and other collaboration tools. But the issue is: how widely are these tools used? Does your department live on the site or is it the occasional repository of random documents? Collaboration and knowledge sharing exist in real time. Success depends more on culture and leadership than on technology.

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