Originally Published PR Week

If I had to guess, despite the tough economy, public relations research companies are probably doing pretty well these days.  When the bottom line gets extra scrutiny, everyone typically steps up to make sure they have quantifiable metrics in place to support their business operations.

Still, I would encourage a deeper dive.

Most chief communications officers are under increasing pressure to link communications performance to measurable business results.

It’s no surprise.  Most corporate executives I meet, from CEOs to heads of business units, cannot readily articulate how the public relations activity in their organizations measurably impact key business drivers.

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Debjani Deb, co-founder and managing partner of EmPower Research, provides her insight into the impact of social media on communications research, measurement and metrics.

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Yes, they are the same guys you call to complain about: e-mail failures, spam, restrictive firewalls, your clumsy laptop, your lazy desktop, your old blackberry, no remote access and slow internet.

Well, say hello to your new best friend.  The digital and social media revolution has ushered in a new era for communications professionals where technology is not just a nice-to-have enabler of more efficient communications.  It is an absolute imperative for all communications (internal and external).  While IT is probably only 20 percent of the total solution (80 percent is people and process), it’s an absolutely critical 20 percent.  Without IT, you are pretty much dead in the water.

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