The firm specializes in C-suite and boardroom-level consulting. By combining creativity and deep experience with rigorous research, PulsePoint Group transforms data derived from cutting-edge metrics into actionable recommendations.

This approach has made the firm trusted advisors to many of the FORTUNE 100 companies and has provided PulsePoint Group with a truly global practice.

Our practice is organized into three areas, each of which reinforces the other:

Our Point of View

The explosion of digital media is changing the way organizations, especially large corporations, confront their traditional communications and marketing challenges.

While those challenges in some ways are the same as they have always been – to protect and enhance image and reputation, drive sales, influence public policy, engage employees – the arena in which they are confronted has transformed.

The compression of the 24-hour news cycle into a viral (and global) phenomenon; the fracturing of traditional, centralized media into millions of blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts; and the empowering of countless influencers outside the traditional circle, all combine to require a new approach.

The Digital Ecosystem

We refer to this fragmented world as the new “digital ecosystem.” Organizations need new approaches to understand the online conversation that swirls around them and, how the conversation progresses through that ecosystem. This impacts how customers behave in their journey from the very first touch point up to (and beyond) the purchase decision.

Organizations need more. They need careful guidance in analyzing what the data means for developing integrated marketing and communications strategies, and in integrating those strategies into their broader management approach. They also need help making the most of opportunities that the new digital ecosystem provides. Companies can break down the silos that isolate their staffs and prevent them from collaborating, and can influence the online conversation in an environment very different from the “paid media” world to which we have been accustomed.

Combining cutting-edge strategies with deep experience

We combine a cutting-edge focus on social engagement strategies with a deep experience in all aspects of business strategy: brand development, marketing, sales, customer service, innovation and communications. Our partners have decades of experience working with the world’s largest management and IT consulting, communications and research firms, counseling Fortune 1,000 companies and others in a wide variety of contexts: brand and reputation management; organizational development and optimization; and digital and marketing transformation.

We’ve produced dramatic, measurable results for a broad range of clients, among them some of the best known and respected names in global business. The result is a fully engaged organization – engaged internally and externally, through strategies that not only fully exploit social media but mesh with our clients’ larger strategic goals.

We encourage you to consider the ways we can help your organization thrive in this new environment of digital, participatory media. The portions of this site devoted to each of our three practice areas – organizational and change management, brand and reputation management, and digital and marketing transformation – each provide more insight with examples of the results we’ve achieved for our clients. And the bios of our people demonstrate the breadth and depth of their experience both in digital and social engagement and the full range of communications and management contexts in which those media issues arise.

Finally, visit our points-of-view page for our blog and white papers that offer key insights into how deeper and more strategic digital engagement can benefit you and your organization.

We encourage you to contact us and discover how PulsePoint Group can help you find the pulse point for your organization and build a successful strategy around it.