Rare in Common: Building Rare Disease Communities

Rare and orphan diseases have become the focus of many pharmaceutical companies in recent times, and these diseases come with unique challenges that do not yet have a solution. The digital evolution not only unites the families of rare disease patients with each other, but connects them with a wider network of communities with the same goal: improving the life of the patient. This session will provide insight into the potential and impact of these digital communities with rare diseases in common from the point of view of multiple stakeholders, from patients to companies to thought leaders.


A New FDA: A Partner for the Digital Future

As pharmaceutical and device companies have adapted and digitized their external-facing communications channels and strategies, the number one most popular inhibitor to digital adoption has been fear of breaching FDA regulations. Whether it is AE reporting or fair balance statements, digital has been a black box too risky for many companies, and even more of their brands, to open.

The FDA is looking to change their image from an inhibitor to a partner. This panel, featuring the FDA’s own Bakul Patel, Assoc. Director for Digital Health, will provide insight into their current and future plans for regulating digital health.


Are Medical Devices and Systems Hack-Proof?

One of the largest worries of healthcare executives is cybersecurity, and the protection of patients’ data. With many high-profile breaches over the last 2 years, it’s little wonder that the C-Suite is losing sleep over this. Although damaging, the implications of compromised, sensitive patient data is not life-threatening. However, as more medical devices and systems rely on the internet of things to provide new-found health solutions, they become much more susceptible to cyber breaches, which can have life-threatening implications.

This session will explore the much-needed dialog around patient security for medical technology, and what companies can and should be doing to protect their patients.


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