First, he quotes a Towers Watson (formerly Towers Perrin) study that found:

  • Companies whose employees report high employee engagement realized a 19% increase in income and nearly 18% rise in EPS
  • On the other hand, companies with low levels of engagement saw income drop 32% and EPS decline more than 11%.

The data is from 90k employee interviews in 18 countries, and it seems a staggering endorsement for an increased focus on employee engagement.

Gordhamer also recounts a meeting he had with Zappos CEO Tony Hsiesh

" ... the[n] Zappos realized that trying to force unhappy staff to treat customers with respect and joy was a losing battle. You cannot ask staff to give what they do not receive."

Zappos, widely considered as a model for employee engagement, loyalty and morale, seems to succeed by living this mantra in everyday, very real sorts of ways. Which made me curious, is this evolution making its way to the pavement elsewhere? In what ways are your companies living this paradigm shift?

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