The problem is – most companies still don’t utilize the resources at hand in terms of “back home strategies”. In the current environment of new media and instant communications these companies have the potential to fall even further behind in the on-going challenge to impact public policy that dramatically affects their employees, customers and shareholders.

It is no longer good enough just to raise and give campaign funds, know your local Congressman or Senator primarily through your Washington government affairs office, and/or write a letter or make a phone call from the Chairman’s office. Members of Congress pay attention to what is happening “back home” in their district or state – that is how they get re-elected.

An intensely organized, comprehensive, innovative, long term, new media focused grassroots and grass tops initiative can pay great dividends for any company or association that is impacted by government – which is just about every company and association that exists.

A Nation of Lobbyists? With all due to respect to our President, that is what democracy is all about. The question is – will corporate America finally play?